CodeGuard is an automatic website/database backup solution. Now you can easily protect your sites hosted at Private host with CodeGuard. CodeGuard constantly monitors website/database and checks to see if there is any change. When a change is noticed, it sends the details to your email. Now you have to option of restoring your website/database to the previous version.

Just by turning on CodeGuard, your backup happens at a regular pace and works in the background automatically. Since the service is cloud-based, setting up the service is quick and easy. Just by adding your website connection details you can begin the process of backup. You can connect your website to CodeGuard by using SFTP/MySQL details. Just as the connection is established, the backup begins automatically. The beauty is that you can restore your site’s files to any previous backed up version. All you have to do is download a zip file and do an automatic restore. You also have the option for restoring individual files. Since you will know of any change on your mobile, you can take immediate action. So now your site won’t be down for weeks due to hackers or malware. Talk to Private host for immediately enabling CodeGuard for protecting your site.