Cloud servers are those servers running virtualization software. They are independent virtual machines running on a physical server. The virtual or cloud server is independent and hence separate from other applications or websites hosted on the server. Cloud hosting enables full root access and control of the server allotted to you. You have your own IP address and you are able to reboot or reimage the server at the time of your choosing. 

Shared Cloud Hosting from Private Host makes your website load faster and perform better.  Our cloud servers help you ensure better uptime, scalability, and performance for your enterprise. Shared cloud hosting combines the best benefits of shared hosting with cloud servers. It not only gives greater control, but it also brings the highest uptime. The advanced cloud infrastructure gives a better and more stable environment.

Our shared hosting plans are designed for lower cost and greater efficiency. These are ideal for small and medium-sized eCommerce websites which require high efficiency and uptime. It gives the website space to grow as the business expands while ensuring guaranteed server resources like CPU, RAM, and Bandwidth.