Shared Linux Hosting is a superb way to reduce the cost of virtual hosting. It means multiple websites share the same server and the costs are divided – thus reducing it. Shared Linux Hosting from Private Host is the best way to commence your new website. It helps bring down the initial costs for you and then you can build on your site as your business or enterprise grows and its needs expand.

You can certainly shift your current domain to Private Host or register a new domain. Our support team will help you find the right plan and requirements for your business. Our Linux Hosting comes with cPanel, making it easy for you to create your email with your domain name.  Our plans range from those that allow you to host a single domain to plans that allow you to host multiple domains.

Private Host’s hosting infrastructure is modern and built on premium servers which deliver speed, stability, and scale. They support all major software languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl etc. With superior encryption, FTP over SSL (FTPS) and continuous monitoring, we ensure the highest security and reliability. You can easily host from your computer over an encrypted channel reliably and upload your site/s. Choose the best hosting plans for your website.