Windows Web Hosting offered by Private Host runs your website on servers that run Windows OS. Since it is a shared service, it makes hosting of your site cost effective. Our hosting supports Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) and MYSQL databases.

We have various hosting plan options that enable you to run either a single site or multiple sites. You can choose the one suited for your business. Since our hosting is built around premium servers, our hosting is highly reliable. The infrastructure is designed to provide the best scale, scalability, and reliability. The features include email solution which enables you to create your own email at your domain name with POP3 and IMAP support.

For your convenience, there are a number of additional applications that you can choose according to your need and easily configure with just a few clicks. Our hosting package supports ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and databases run on MSSQL and MYSQL. We continuously monitor and secure our services with encryption. Our service has SSH access to help you easily host your site. Our team of personnel is at your service in case you require any help.